How to create an A/B test

Important note: If you're looking to run more advanced A/B tests, we highly recommend using Google's Free A/B testing tool called Google Optimize. You can grab it here:


  1. How A/B Testing Works

  2. Create and Edit an A/B Test

  3. Start Your A/B Test

  4. Add Notes

  5. Ending a Test— Analyzing Results— Choose a Winner— End Test If No Winner

  6. Identifying when a LeadForm is in Test Mode

  7. What’s Coming Next

How A/B Testing Works

You now have the ability to run a basic A/B test of any LeadForms inside of your account. This first version is simple to start. Two variants are displayed at random, with the variant sticking to the user session. The system will track and report conversions for each LeadForms, so you can see which variant drives in more leads.

Details for v1.0

  • Default weight of each test is 50/50 — with 50% of the traffic going to the control LeadForm and 50% of the traffic going to the challenger. In the first version, you cannot adjust the weight, however we will give you the ability to do this in the future.

  • You can only test two LeadForms at one time. In other-words, A/B testing does not support multi-variant testing at this time.

  • When you create a new A/B test the system will automatically create a variant LeadForm from the control. Variant LeadForm do not count against your account limit.

  • The system will track total views and conversions. Both of these metrics are unique.

  • A/B testing does not currently provide a confidence score and it will not automatically end the test for you. These features are coming in future versions.

Create and Edit an A/B Test

To create an A/B test, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Go to the LeadForms that you’d like to test and click on the A/B test button inside of the LeadForms Details Page

Step 2 — Start A/B Test

If no tests are in progress then click the “Start A/B Testing” button. If a test is in progress then you’ll need to end your test before you can run a new test for the LeadForms.

Step 3 - Create New Variant

After you click the “Start A/B Testing” button in the step above, a modal pop-up will appear which outlines steps that you need to take to create your A/B test. Click on the Create New Variant button.

After you click on the “Create New Variant” button, you’ll be redirected to the Variant LeadForms.

Step 4 - Edit Variant

The system will automatically create a new variant based on your existing LeadForms after you click on the “Create New Variant” button in the step above. A variant is simply an exact clone of the LeadForms that you want to test and it does not count against your total LeadForms limit.

The variant page is marked with an orange bar that says “You are currently editing a variant LeadForms”

To edit the variant LeadForms, simply make your change somewhere within the variant LeadForms' editor and click Save.

Note: Any changes that you make to the variant will not impact the original LeadForms.

Step 5 - Access the A/B Test Dashboard

To access your test, click on the link in the orange bar: “View this Variant in your A/B test.”

Clicking on the link above will take you straight to the test, which will be in Draft Mode.

You can also access your test at any time from the LeadForms details page by clicking on the “View Results” button.

Start Your A/B Test

After you create, edit, and save your variant LeadForms, your test will automatically be in Draft Mode.

To run your test, simply click on the Green Start Test Button.

Clicking “Start Test” will switch the A/B test from draft to “active” mode.

You can Pause a test at anytime by clicking “Pause Test”

Clicking Pause will switch the A/B test into an in-active state. When a test is paused, the control LeadForms will continue to get all of the traffic until the test is unpaused.

Add Notes

Use the notes feature to help you keep track of what you’re testing.

To add a Note, simply click on the blue pencil icon. This will open up a popup where you can leave your note.

e recommend keeping your notes short and focused on the primary thing that changed with the challenger LeadForms.

Ending a Test

Analyzing Results

The first version of A/B testing does not calculate a winning variant or display percent increase. This feature is coming in future versions. In the meantime, we recommend using this handy calculator to help identify when to end your test and when you might have a winner:

Choose a Winner

Once you have identified a winner, click on the “Choose as Winner” button for the winning variant.

When you choose a winner you’ll have two options:

  1. End Test and Override Current Default LeadForms: This will end the test, mark the variant as the winner and override the existing LeadForms. *Note — this will completely remove the control from your account.

  1. End Test and Duplicate as New LeadForms:This will end the test, but instead of overriding the control, it will create an entirely new LeadForms. We recommend using this option if you’d still like to keep the control LeadForms inside of your account for future use.

How to End Test If No Winner Is Determined

You may run a test and not find a clear winner. To end the test if no clear winner is determined, you can either mark the Control as the winner or you can click on the link in the bottom right hand corner to end the test if no clear winner is determined.

To end the test, simply click on the link then click “Yes — End Test” in the prompt.

This will end the test and remove the variant from your account. With the first version of A/B testing, the test will not be stored.

Identifying When a LeadForms is in Test Mode

We added an icon to the dashboard to help you identify when a LeadForms is in test mode. Simply look for the test icon on your Dashboard.

When a LeadForms is in test mode, you’ll also see a banner across the LeadFormsDetails Page and Inside of the LeadForms Builder.

What’s Coming Next

Here are some future features that we plan to add to A/B testing next:

  • Adjust weight beyond 50/50

  • Show percent difference

  • Recommend winner when statistical significance is reached

  • Save past tests

  • Email notifications about results

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