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Google Sheets Integration Walk Through

Our Google Sheets integration enables you to push all of your leads straight from your LeadForm into a Google Sheet, which you can then share with clients, team members, or into other services like Zapier. There are quite a few steps to follow. If you run into any issues, or need help please contact us and we'll help you get this setup.

** We also have a Zapier integration which makes this process a bit easier. Click here to learn more: 

Step 1:

Create a Google Sheets document and name it.

Step 2:

Go to the Google Developers API Page and Create a Project. Use this link:

Step 3:

  • Give your project a name. In this case I named my project “LeadBoost - New Leads

  • Select No organization

  • Click “Create”

Step 4:

After you click Save, you should be redirected to page that looks like this.

Click “Enable”

Step #5:

After you enable the API, you’ll be directed to an Overview Page. Click on the “Create Credentials” button:

Step 6:

  • Click on the “Service Account Hyperlink” ** do not complete the form on this page.

Step 7: Create Service Account:

You’ll be directed to a Service accounts page. Click on the + Create Service Account button.

Step 8: Name the service account:

In the “Service Account Name” section give the service account a name. In this case I named it something like LeadForms - (form name)

Ignore the other two fields then click “Create”

Step 9: Click “Continue”

On the next step, “Service account permissions” just click continue.

Step 10: Create Key

On the next step, skip all of the fields and click “Create Key”

Step 11:

A box will slide out from the right. Select “JSON”, then click “Create”

Step 12 - Save the JSON File

After you click create on Step 11, the JSON file will automatically download to your computer. Save this file. You will need to upload it inside of your account at the end.

Step 13:

On the same screen, click on the Blue “Done” button. This will redirect you to the list of credentials.

Step 14:

After you are redirected to the services page, copy the user email, which I highlighted in the email below. You will need to share your Google Sheet document with this email and give it edit rights.

Step 15:

Share the google sheet with the email that you copied on the previous step. Be sure to give the email edit rights.

Step 16:

In the Google Sheets link section, you'll need to copy the key from the link:

For example if you're link is:

Copy the letters and numbers between /d/ and /edit. This is your key:

Step 17:

Add the key and the JSON file to the form.

Step 18 - Send a test lead through

The form will remain blank until you send your first lead through.

Go to your live form and try submitting a lead. All fields should populate in your Google Sheet.

Having issues or need help?

If you run into any issues along the way please reach out to us and we'll help you get this setup.

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