Creating a Disqualifying Step

Sometimes, you will want to create a disqualifying step in your LeadForm.  Here, you will learn how to create a disqualifying step.

You may have a question similar to this:

You may only want to capture the lead for individuals who click "Yes". 

To create a disqualifying step, you will:

1. Click on Add Step

2. Choose Text Block (End Step) and enter the details

3. Save Step

Once you've created the step, when you click on form view, you'll notice that the disqualifying step is disconnected from the other steps.  You'll need to connect it to the "No" response.

To do this, you'll click on the step that acts as the disqualifying question and change the target step for "No"

After you do this, you'll notice that the flow view has changed! Now, you'll notice after the accident step (the one with the disqualifying question) now branches off in two directions.  If someone chooses "yes", then they continue with the next steps in the LeadForm.  If they choose "no", then they are redirected to the disqualification message.

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