How to Integrate Your LeadForm With Google Tag Manager

If you're using Google Tag Manager on your website or landing page builder, then you can easily add your Pixel Script to Google Tag Manager, so you don't have to edit code on your page. Here's how to add your script to Google Tag Manager.

First, go into GetLeadForms and grab your Pixel Script. This can be found in the publish section of your form:

  • Sign in to Google Tag Manager
  • Open the GTM Container that's connected with your website
  • Setup a New Tag

  • Choose "Custom HTML"
  • Paste the Pixel Script into the HTML body area and set "Tag Firing Options" to UNLIMITED

  • Choose which pages you want the Pixel to display on. If you want LeadForms to work across your entire site, choose "All Pages"
  • Save and Publish

After you add your pixel script to Google Tag Manager, the next step is to make sure that web site is added as a target URL and to review the steps related to whichever behavior setting you are using.

If you have any questions or run into any issues please reach out. 

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