Integrating with Insellerate

To integrate your LeadForm with Insellerate you will need to use the Webhook feature. Please follow the steps below:

Step #1: Go to Lead Delivery & Locate the Webhook

  • Open your form

  • Go to "Lead Delivery" inside of the LeadForm Builder

  • On the left hand side, scroll down to the Webhook (custom post URL)

  • Expand the field to see the Custom Post URL options

Step #2: Add Your Custom Post URL

Next, paste your Custom Post URL into the "custom post URL" field.

Step #3: Enable Auth

  • Flip the "Is Auth Enabled?" Switch to the "On" position

  • Ensure that "Basic Auth" is selected

  • Add your Username and Password

Step #4: Data Formatting

  • Turn on "Custom Transferred Data Formatting Enabled" by flicking the switch to the "On" position

  • For Data formatting type you can choose either JSON or XML. In this case, we selected JSON

  • Next add in in the Custom Data Wrapper Formatting.

After you add the data wrapper to the field, a blue "Generate Sample Output Data" button will appear. If you click on the button then you'll see a sample output of the data in either JSON or XML format.

Step #5: Save

Don't forget to save the settings!

Step #6: Send a test lead

Finally, the last step is to send a test lead through. Always send the test lead from the URL where your LeadForm is setup. Do not try to send a test lead via the "preview."

If you run into any issues or need help please reach out to

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