Redirect to custom thank you page after form submission

Follow the instructions below if would like your form to redirect to a custom thank you step after the form is submitted. Please take note of the section at the ended titled " Important things to keep in mind."

Here's how to set a URL redirect:

  • Ensure that your form has a "thank you" step which is set as the last step of the form. You can call this step anything that you want. I typically call it "Thank You" or "Last Step." You can create this step using the "text block" step. The redirect will be set on the step before last the last.  Please note: the second to last step MUST be a form type step in order for the redirect URL option to appear! See the image below.

  • Locate the step before last in the form's "step layout" and open the step. In this case, it's the step labeled "contact form" but it might be named something different for you.  Please note: the second to last step MUST be a form type step in order for the redirect URL option to appear! 

  • After you have opened the step, scroll down to "Advanced Options" then add the URL to the "redirect URL" field.

  • Click Save and just like that, the form will redirect to your custom URL!

Important things to keep in mind:

1) The form will still show the thank you screen for a fraction of a second. This allows us to capture the conversion and to report the conversion back in our custom reporting systems that you have access to. Since this step will be visible for a split second, it might still be a good idea to add a message here. I usually add something like, "Thanks! Hang tight while we redirect you."

2) If the "redirect URL" toggle switch appears to be in the "off" position, you can ignore this. The URL Redirect will continue to work, even if the switch doesn't appear in the "active" state. This is a bug that we're fixing. As long as there is a URL in the field, then the redirect will work as expected.

3) At the moment, the redirect only works for form based steps. You cannot redirect a standard, non-form response. Although, this is coming very soon.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, then please reach out using the chat icon in the bottom of the screen. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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