Creating Thank You Step

In order for your lead form to submit properly, you must have a last step (thank you step) created.  Please follow the instructions below:

Make sure that your last step (your thank you step) is a 'Text' block step

As a best practice, the last step in your LeadForm - i.e, your thank you step, should always be set as a text block step. This way the system knows to end the form and to send some event data back into your dashboard. 

  • Click 'Add new Step'
  • On the left hand 'Create' side choose 'text block'
  • Add some custom text and click Save.


  • Customization: If you do not want the check mark to appear or if you want to customize that thank you step a bit more, simply flip the Custom Code Switch to the 'On' position. This will override our default styling and you can add your own custom HTML and CSS. We can help you with this if you need some help. 
  • Don't send lead option: With GetLeadForms you can have conditional logic and multiple thank you steps or 'disqualified steps' - it's just a matter of setting a text block step wherever you'd like the LeadForm to end. In the event that your form has a flow where you show the lead a 'disqualified message' and you don't want to send a notification via email or post the lead into your CRM, then simply flip the 'Send lead button' to the off position'. Please note that this will also prevent the redirect URL from working.
  • Redirect to another page: If you would like to redirect the thank you step to another page in your funnel (such as your own thank you page) please visit the documentation here.

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